Another world Screensaver

Another world Screensaver

Another World Screensaver brings a fantastic world to your desktop
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Are you ready to travel to another world? Wouldn’t you just love to visit another planet, completely different than ours, but still with some things that will remind you the Earth? Another World Screensaver brings a fantastic world to your desktop.

This awesome screensaver will take you on a journey to another world, as the name says. You will be transported top a place that resembles our planet in a way, but you will immediately know it is not. You will be able to see mountains, rivers and oceans, but the setting will be different, especially the lighting.

You will watch a spectacular sunset and impressive cliffs, but they are all colored with shades that we hardly ever see here. In some pictures, you will even see landscapes illuminated by two suns, or two moons, giving the scene a mysterious look. All the mages are exquisite artwork that will surely take your mind to places it has never been before. All the time you will be accompanied by great sound effects of water and of the creatures that inhabit this new world.

Another World Screensaver will surely keep you watching for hours. You will not want to leave your PC just to be able to see the next image showing you a world that will definitely make you wish you could go there. Just remember that after a while, you should come back to this world and face reality.

Fernando Soni
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